Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Album Artwork for iTunes

Fix misspellings in iTunes

I love iTunes.  Having all that music on my iPod wherever I go is remarkable.  I have a large music collection, which dates back to when I started collecting music on vinyl in 1984 (yes, I am that old).  Being able to take this entire collection with me at all times is a dream come true.
One of the more annoying issues with iTunes, is the large number of misspellings you get when you update your album info.  For some reason, whoever entered the information in the CDDB clearly didn’t care as much about music as I did.  Which is a shame, as it spoils my collection and makes it frustrating to browse.
You can of course manually edit and fix all the info in iTunes, but having over 5000 tracks, this is not really a feasible option for me.  While I think it’s important, I simply don’t have the spare time, to fix all this.
I recently found a fantastic app called tidysongs.  This little beauty automatically fixes all the little problems with your iTunes library.
  • Many misspelled artists and tracks? – Fixed
  • A large number of duplicate songs? – Fixed
  • Black disks instead of album cover art? – Fixed
  • Missing genres, artists  and years? - Fixed

You simply run this once a week or so, and it magically cleans and fixes everything.  The last time I liked a product so much was when I bought my Roomba – it automatically cleans my floors, this automatically cleans my iTunes library.

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